Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Reference   API Overview


IDirectFB Main interface of DirectFB, created by DirectFBCreate().
IDirectFBSurface Interface to a surface object, being a graphics context for rendering and state control, buffer operations, palette access and sub area translate'n'clip logic.
IDirectFBSurfaceBuffer Interface to a surface buffer object, being the surface contents at a specific moment.
IDirectFBSurfaceAllocation Interface to a surface allocation object, being an actual buffer being allocated for a surface.
IDirectFBPalette Interface for read/write access to the colors of a palette object and for cloning it.
IDirectFBInputDevice Input device interface for keymap access, event buffers and state queries.
IDirectFBDisplayLayer Layer interface for configuration, window stack usage or direct surface access, with shared/exclusive context.
IDirectFBWindow Interface to a window object, controlling appearance and focus, positioning and stacking, event buffers and surface access.
IDirectFBEventBuffer Interface to a local event buffer to send/receive events, wait for events, abort waiting or reset buffer.
IDirectFBFont Font interface for getting metrics, measuring strings or single characters, query/choose encodings.
IDirectFBImageProvider Interface to an image provider, retrieving information about the image and rendering it to a surface.
IDirectFBVideoProvider Interface to a video provider for playback with advanced control and basic stream information.
IDirectFBDataBuffer Data buffer interface, providing unified access to different kinds of data storage and live feed.
IDirectFBScreen Interface to different display outputs, encoders, connector settings, power management and synchronization.
IDirectFBGL OpenGL context of a surface.
IDirectFBGL2 Rendering context manager
IDirectFBGL2Context Rendering context
IWater Water Rendering
IDirectFBWindows Window stack extension.

Function Types

DFBDisplayLayerCallback Called for each existing display layer. "layer_id" can be used to get an interface to the layer.
DFBGetDataCallback Called for each block of continous data requested, e.g. by a Video Provider. Write as many data as you can but not more than specified by length. Return the number of bytes written or 'EOF' if no data is available anymore.
DFBInputDeviceCallback Called for each existing input device. "device_id" can be used to get an interface to the device.
DFBScreenCallback Called for each existing screen. "screen_id" can be used to get an interface to the screen.
DFBTextEncodingCallback Called for each provided text encoding.
DFBVideoModeCallback Called for each supported video mode.

Enumerated Types

DFBAccelerationMask Mask of accelerated functions.
DFBBoolean A boolean.
DFBColorAdjustmentFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBColorAdjustment are valid.
DFBColorKeyPolarity Color key polarity
DFBCooperativeLevel The cooperative level controls the super interface's behaviour in functions like SetVideoMode or CreateSurface for the primary.
DFBDataBufferDescriptionFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBDataBufferDescription are valid.
DFBDisplayLayerBackgroundMode Background mode defining how to erase/initialize the area for a windowstack repaint
DFBDisplayLayerBufferMode Layer Buffer Mode.
DFBDisplayLayerCapabilities Capabilities of a display layer.
DFBDisplayLayerConfigFlags Layer configuration flags
DFBDisplayLayerCooperativeLevel Cooperative level handling the access permissions.
DFBDisplayLayerOptions Used to enable some capabilities like flicker filtering or colorkeying.
DFBDisplayLayerSourceCaps Capabilities of a display layer source.
DFBDisplayLayerTypeFlags Type of display layer for basic classification. Values may be or'ed together.
DFBEnumerationResult Return value of callback function of enumerations.
DFBEventClass Event class.
DFBFontAttributes Flags describing how to load a font.
DFBFontDescriptionFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBFontDescription are valid.
DFBGL2ContextCapabilities Capabilities of a context
DFBGL2ContextDescriptionFlags Flags for a context description
DFBImageCapabilities Capabilities of an image.
DFBInputDeviceAxisIdentifier Axis identifier (index) for e.g. mouse or joystick.
DFBInputDeviceButtonIdentifier Identifier (index) for e.g. mouse or joystick buttons.
DFBInputDeviceButtonMask Flags specifying which buttons are currently down.
DFBInputDeviceButtonState Specifies whether a button is currently pressed.
DFBInputDeviceCapabilities Basic input device features.
DFBInputDeviceConfigFlags Input device configuration flags
DFBInputDeviceKeyIdentifier DirectFB key identifiers (for basic mapping)
DFBInputDeviceKeyState Specifies whether a key is currently down.
DFBInputDeviceKeySymbol DirectFB key symbols (for advanced mapping)
DFBInputDeviceKeyType DirectFB key types (for advanced mapping)
DFBInputDeviceKeymapSymbolIndex Groups and levels as an index to the symbol array.
DFBInputDeviceLockState Flags specifying the key locks that are currently active.
DFBInputDeviceModifierKeyIdentifier DirectFB modifier key identifiers (for advanced mapping)
DFBInputDeviceModifierMask Flags specifying which modifiers are currently pressed.
DFBInputDeviceTypeFlags Type of input device for basic classification. Values may be or'ed together.
DFBInputEventFlags Flags defining which additional (optional) event fields are valid.
DFBInputEventType The type of an input event.
DFBPaletteCapabilities The palette capabilities.
DFBPaletteDescriptionFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBPaletteDescription are valid.
DFBScreenCapabilities Capabilities of a screen.
DFBScreenEncoderCapabilities Capabilities of a display encoder.
DFBScreenEncoderConfigFlags Flags for display encoder configuration.
DFBScreenEncoderFrequency Frequency of output signal.
DFBScreenEncoderPictureFraming Encoder picture delivery method. See HDMI Specification 1.4a - Extraction of 3D signaling portion for more details
DFBScreenEncoderScanMode Scan modes.
DFBScreenEncoderTVStandards TV standards.
DFBScreenEncoderTestPicture Test picture mode.
DFBScreenEncoderType Type of display encoder.
DFBScreenMixerCapabilities Capabilities of a mixer.
DFBScreenMixerConfigFlags Flags for mixer configuration.
DFBScreenMixerTree (Sub) tree selection.
DFBScreenOutputCapabilities Capabilities of an output.
DFBScreenOutputConfigFlags Flags for screen output configuration.
DFBScreenOutputConnectors Type of output connector.
DFBScreenOutputSignals Type of output signal.
DFBScreenOutputSlowBlankingSignals Type of slow blanking signalling.
DFBScreenPowerMode Screen Power Mode.
DFBStreamCapabilities Capabilities of an audio/video stream.
DFBStreamFormat Type of an audio stream.
DFBSurfaceAllocationOps Flags for allocation management
DFBSurfaceBlendFunction Blend functions to use for source and destination blending
DFBSurfaceBlittingFlags Flags controlling blitting commands.
DFBSurfaceCapabilities The surface capabilities.
DFBSurfaceColorSpace Color space used by the colors in the surface.
DFBSurfaceDescriptionFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBSurfaceDescription are valid.
DFBSurfaceDrawingFlags Flags controlling drawing commands.
DFBSurfaceEventType Surface Event Types - can also be used as flags for event filters.
DFBSurfaceFlipFlags Flipping flags controlling the behaviour of IDirectFBSurface::Flip().
DFBSurfaceHintFlags Hint flags for optimized allocation, format selection etc.
DFBSurfaceLockFlags Flags defining the type of data access. These are important for surface swapping management.
DFBSurfaceMaskFlags Flags controlling surface masks set via IDirectFBSurface::SetSourceMask().
DFBSurfacePatternMode Available pattern mode
DFBSurfacePixelFormat Pixel format of a surface.
DFBSurfacePorterDuffRule Available Porter/Duff rules.
DFBSurfaceRenderOptions Options for drawing and blitting operations. Not mandatory for acceleration.
DFBSurfaceRopCode Available Rop codes.
DFBSurfaceStereoEye Stereo eye buffer.
DFBSurfaceTextFlags Flags controlling the text layout.
DFBTriangleFormation Way of building triangles from the list of vertices.
DFBVideoProviderAudioUnits Flags to allow Audio Unit selection.
DFBVideoProviderCapabilities Information about an IDirectFBVideoProvider.
DFBVideoProviderEventDataSubType Video Provider Event Types - can also be used as flags for event filters.
DFBVideoProviderEventType Video Provider Event Types - can also be used as flags for event filters.
DFBVideoProviderPlaybackFlags Flags controlling playback mode of a IDirectFBVideoProvider.
DFBVideoProviderStatus Information about the status of an IDirectFBVideoProvider.
DFBWindowCapabilities Capabilities a window can have.
DFBWindowDescriptionFlags Flags defining which fields of a DFBWindowDescription are valid.
DFBWindowEventFlags Flags for a window event.
DFBWindowEventType Window Event Types - can also be used as flags for event filters.
DFBWindowHintFlags These are hints for the window manager that indicate what type of function the window has. The window manager can use this when determining decoration and behaviour of the window. The hint must be set before mapping the window.
DFBWindowKeySelection The key selection defines a mode for filtering keys while the window is having the focus.
DFBWindowOptions Flags controlling the appearance and behaviour of the window.
DFBWindowStackingClass The stacking class restricts the stacking order of windows.
DFBWindowTypeHint These are hints for the window manager that indicate what type of function the window has. The window manager can use this when determining decoration and behaviour of the window. The hint must be set before mapping the window.
DIRenderFlags Flags used by image providers
WaterAttributeFlags Flags per attribute [8]
WaterAttributeType Attributes include all settings of a rendering context [8]
WaterBlendMode Blend modes [8]
WaterElementFlags Flags per element [12]
WaterElementType Compound type for basic and advanced elements with additional information [16]
WaterFillRule Fill rules [4]
WaterGradientFlags Gradient Flags [4]
WaterGradientType Gradient Types [4]
WaterLineCapStyle Style of line end points [4]
WaterLineJoinStyle Style of line junctions [4]
WaterOperator The way values are applied [4]
WaterPaintOptions Options regarding the source of drawing/filling operations [16]
WaterPatternFlags Pattern Flags [4]
WaterPatternType Pattern Types [4]
WaterQualityLevel Quality levels [4]
WaterRenderMode Options generally applying to rendering or the destination [16]
WaterScalarType Type of scalar [4]
WaterShapeFlags Flags per shape [8]
WaterTileMode Tiling mode for patterns and masks [4]
WaterTransformFlags Flags choosing predefined or free transformation and other things [8]
WaterTransformType Common types of transformations [16]

Structured Types

DFBBox A rectangle specified by two points.
DFBBufferOccupancy Buffer levels and occupancy for Audio/Video input buffers.
DFBBufferThresholds Buffer thresholds for Audio and Video.
DFBColor A color defined by channels with 8bit each.
DFBColorAdjustment Color Adjustment used to adjust video colors.
DFBColorKey A color key defined by R,G,B and eventually a color index.
DFBColorKeyExtended Extended color key definition
DFBColorYUV A color defined by channels with 8bit each.
DFBConvolutionFilter Convolution filter
DFBDataBufferDescription Description of a data buffer that is to be created.
DFBDimension A dimension specified by width and height.
DFBDisplayLayerConfig Layer configuration
DFBDisplayLayerDescription Description of the display layer capabilities.
DFBDisplayLayerSourceDescription Description of a display layer source.
DFBEvent General container for a DirectFB Event.
DFBEventBufferStats Statistics about event buffer queue.
DFBFontDescription Description of how to load glyphs from a font file.
DFBGL2ContextDescription Description of an OpenGL context
DFBGLAttributes Attributes of an OpenGL context.
DFBGraphicsDeviceDescription Description of the graphics device capabilities.
DFBImageDescription Information about an image including capabilities and values belonging to available capabilities.
DFBInputDeviceConfig Input device configuration
DFBInputDeviceDescription Description of the input device capabilities.
DFBInputDeviceKeymapEntry One entry in the keymap of an input device.
DFBInputEvent An input event, item of an input buffer.
DFBInsets Insets specify a distance from each edge of a rectangle.
DFBLocation A rectangle specified by normalized coordinates.
DFBMonoGlyphAttributes Attributes for DrawMonoGlyphs
DFBPaletteDescription Description of the palette that is to be created.
DFBPoint A point specified by x/y coordinates.
DFBRectangle A rectangle specified by a point and a dimension.
DFBRegion A region specified by two points.
DFBScreenDescription Description of the display encoder capabilities.
DFBScreenEncoderConfig Configuration of a display encoder.
DFBScreenEncoderDescription Description of a display encoder.
DFBScreenMixerConfig Configuration of a mixer.
DFBScreenMixerDescription Description of a mixer.
DFBScreenOutputConfig Configuration of an output.
DFBScreenOutputDescription Description of a screen output.
DFBSpan A horizontal line specified by x and width.
DFBStreamAttributes Stream attributes for an audio/video stream.
DFBStreamDescription Informations about an audio/video stream.
DFBSurfaceDescription Description of the surface that is to be created.
DFBSurfaceEvent Event from surface
DFBTrapezoid A trapezoid specified by two points with a width each.
DFBTriangle A triangle specified by three points.
DFBUniversalEvent Universal event for custom usage with variable size.
DFBUserEvent Event for usage by the user of this library.
DFBVertex Transformed vertex of a textured triangle.
DFBVertex1616 Transformed vertex of a textured triangle using fixed 16.16 values.
DFBVideoProviderEvent Event from the video provider
DFBWindowDescription Description of the window that is to be created.
DFBWindowEvent Event from the windowing system.
DFBWindowsWatcher Windows watcher interface
WaterAttributeHeader Header of an attribute in a stream or array
WaterElementHeader Base header of an element in a stream or array
WaterGradientHeader Header of a gradient in a stream or array
WaterPatternHeader Header of a pattern in a stream or array
WaterScalar A single integer, fixed or floating point value (union)
WaterTransform Transform


DCID_PRIMARY Predefined color IDs.
DFB_COLORKEY_EQUAL Macro to compare two color keys.
DFB_COLOR_EQUAL Macro to compare two colors.
DFB_COLOR_IDS_MAX Maximum number of color ids.
DFB_DISPLAYLAYER_IDS_ADD Adds the id to the bitmask of layer ids.
DFB_DISPLAYLAYER_IDS_EMPTY Empties (clears) the bitmask of layer ids.
DFB_DISPLAYLAYER_IDS_HAVE Checks if the bitmask of layer ids contains the id.
DFB_DISPLAYLAYER_IDS_MAX Maximum number of layer ids.
DFB_DISPLAYLAYER_IDS_REMOVE Removes the id from the bitmask of layer ids.
DFB_LOCATION_EQUAL Macro to compare two locations.
DFB_POINT_EQUAL Macro to compare two points.
DFB_RECTANGLE_EQUAL Macro to compare two rectangles.
DFB_REGION_EQUAL Macro to compare two regions.
DIRECTFBGL2_INTERFACE_VERSION The DirectFBGL2 interface version.
DIRECTFB_WINDOWS_INTERFACE_VERSION The DirectFB Windows interface version.
DTEID_UTF8 Predefined text encoding IDs.
IWATER_INTERFACE_VERSION The IWater interface version
WATER_ELEMENT_TYPE Macro for generation of WaterElementType constants
WATER_SCALAR_TYPE_IS_FLOAT Macro determines if scalar is a single precision float
WATER_SCALAR_TYPE_IS_INT Macro determines if scalar is an ordinary (pure) integer or fixed point integer

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