Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Interfaces   IDirectFBVideoProvider

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Methods of IDirectFBVideoProvider
Retrieving information GetCapabilities Retrieve information about the video provider's capabilities.
GetSurfaceDescription Get a surface description that best matches the video contained in the file.
GetStreamDescription Get a description of the video stream.
Playback PlayTo Play the video rendering it into the specified rectangle of the destination surface.
Stop Stop rendering into the destination surface.
GetStatus Get the status of the playback.
Media Control SeekTo Seeks to a position within the stream.
GetPos Gets current position within the stream.
GetLength Gets the length of the stream.
Color Adjustment GetColorAdjustment Gets the current video color settings.
SetColorAdjustment Adjusts the video colors.
Interactivity SendEvent Send an input or window event.
Advanced control SetPlaybackFlags Set the flags controlling playback mode.
SetSpeed Set the speed multiplier.
GetSpeed Get current speed multiplier.
SetVolume Set volume level.
GetVolume Get volume level.
SetStreamAttributes Set the stream attributes. May have a wrapper with different media types types encapsulated. Can use this method to indicate the content type.
SetAudioOutputs Set the audio units that are being used for output. May have multiple audio outputs and need to configure them on/off dynamically.
GetAudioOutputs Get the audio units that are being used for output.
SetAudioDelay Set the audio delay
Event buffers CreateEventBuffer Create an event buffer for this video provider and attach it.
AttachEventBuffer Attach an existing event buffer to this video provider.
EnableEvents Enable specific events to be sent from the video provider.
DisableEvents Disable specific events from being sent from the video provider
DetachEventBuffer Detach an event buffer from this video provider.
Buffer control GetBufferOccupancy Get buffer occupancy (A/V) when playing this stream.
SetBufferThresholds Set buffer thresholds for the Audio / Video playback.
GetBufferThresholds Get buffer thresholds for the Audio / Video playback.
Playback SetDestination Update the video rendering into the specified rectangle of the destination surface.

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