Reference Manual - 1.8.0
IDirectFBSurface   TextureTriangles

Preliminary texture mapping support.

DFBResult TextureTriangles (
  IDirectFBSurface   * thiz,
  IDirectFBSurface   * texture,
  const DFBVertex   * vertices,
  const int   * indices,
  int   num,
  DFBTriangleFormation   formation

Maps a texture onto triangles being built from vertices according to the chosen formation.

Optional indices can be used to avoid rearrangement of vertex lists, otherwise the vertex list is processed consecutively, i.e. as if indices are ascending numbers starting at zero.

Either the number of indices (if non NULL) or the number of vertices is specified by num and has to be three at least. If the chosen formation is DTTF_LIST it also has to be a multiple of three.

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