Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Interfaces   IDirectFBScreen

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Methods of IDirectFBScreen
Retrieving information GetID Get the unique screen ID.
GetDescription Get a description of this screen, i.e. the capabilities.
GetSize Get the screen's width and height in pixels.
Display Layers EnumDisplayLayers Enumerate all existing display layers for this screen.
Power management SetPowerMode Set screen power mode.
Synchronization WaitForSync Wait for next vertical retrace.
Mixers GetMixerDescriptions Get a description of available mixers.
GetMixerConfiguration Get current mixer configuration.
TestMixerConfiguration Test mixer configuration.
SetMixerConfiguration Set mixer configuration.
Encoders GetEncoderDescriptions Get a description of available display encoders.
GetEncoderConfiguration Get current encoder configuration.
TestEncoderConfiguration Test encoder configuration.
SetEncoderConfiguration Set encoder configuration.
Outputs GetOutputDescriptions Get a description of available outputs.
GetOutputConfiguration Get current output configuration.
TestOutputConfiguration Test output configuration.
SetOutputConfiguration Set output configuration.
Synchronization GetVSyncCount Return current VSync count.

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