Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Interfaces   IDirectFBInputDevice

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Methods of IDirectFBInputDevice
Retrieving information GetID Get the unique device ID.
GetDescription Get a description of this device, i.e. the capabilities.
Key mapping GetKeymapEntry Fetch one entry from the keymap for a specific hardware keycode.
SetKeymapEntry Set one entry of the keymap to the specified entry. Each entry has 4 modifier combinations for going from key to symbol.
LoadKeymap Load a keymap from the specified file. All specified keys will overwrite the current keymap. On return of an error, the keymap is in an unspecified state. the file must be ASCII containing lines: keycode = = .... (up to 4 symbols) Modifier-key-sensitive keys can be framed between capslock: .... :capslock or numlock: ... :numlock.
Event buffers CreateEventBuffer Create an event buffer for this device and attach it.
AttachEventBuffer Attach an existing event buffer to this device.
DetachEventBuffer Detach an event buffer from this device.
General state queries GetKeyState Get the current state of one key.
GetModifiers Get the current modifier mask.
GetLockState Get the current state of the key locks.
GetButtons Get a mask of currently pressed buttons.
GetButtonState Get the state of a button.
GetAxis Get the current value of the specified axis.
Specialized queries GetXY Utility function combining two calls to GetAxis().
Configuration SetConfiguration Change config values for the input device.

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