Reference Manual - 1.8.0
IDirectFBFont   GetStringBreak

Get the next explicit or automatic break within a string along with the logical width of the text, the string length, and a pointer to the next text line.

DFBResult GetStringBreak (
  IDirectFBFont   * thiz,
  const char   * text,
  int   bytes,
  int   max_width,
  int   * ret_width,
  int   * ret_str_length,
  const char   ** ret_next_line

The bytes specifies the maximum number of bytes to take from the string or -1 for complete NULL-terminated string.

The max_width specifies logical width of column onto which the text will be drawn. Then the logical width of fitted text is returned in ret_width. The returned width may overlap the max width specified if there's only one character that fits.

The number of characters that fit into this column is returned by the ret_str_length. Note that you can not use this value as the number of bytes to take when using DrawString() as it represents to the number of characters, not the number of bytes.

In ret_next_line a pointer to the next line of text is returned. This will point to NULL or the end of the string if there's no more break.

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