Reference Manual - 1.8.0
IDirectFBFont   GetGlyphExtentsXY

Get the extents of a glyph specified by its character code (extended version).

DFBResult GetGlyphExtentsXY (
  IDirectFBFont   * thiz,
  unsigned int   character,
  DFBRectangle   * ret_rect,
  int   * ret_xadvance,
  int   * ret_yadvance

The rectangle describes the the smallest rectangle containing all pixels that are touched when drawing the glyph. It is reported relative to the baseline. If you only need the advance, pass NULL for the rectangle.

The advance describes the horizontal offset to the next glyph (without kerning applied). It may be a negative value indicating left-to-right rendering. If you don't need this value, pass NULL for advance.

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