Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Interfaces   IDirectFBEventBuffer

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Methods of IDirectFBEventBuffer
Buffer handling Reset Clear all events stored in this buffer.
Waiting for events WaitForEvent Wait for the next event to occur. Thread is idle in the meantime.
WaitForEventWithTimeout Block until next event to occur or timeout is reached. Thread is idle in the meantime.
Fetching events GetEvent Get the next event and remove it from the FIFO.
PeekEvent Get the next event but leave it there, i.e. do a preview.
HasEvent Check if there is a pending event in the queue. This function returns DFB_OK if there is at least one event, DFB_BUFFER_EMPTY otherwise.
Sending events PostEvent Put an event into the FIFO.
WakeUp Wake up any thread waiting for events in this buffer.
Special handling CreateFileDescriptor Create a file descriptor for reading events.
Statistics EnableStatistics Enable/disable collection of event buffer statistics.
GetStatistics Query collected event buffer statistics.

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