Reference Manual - 1.8.0
DirectFB Interfaces   IDirectFBDisplayLayer

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Methods of IDirectFBDisplayLayer
Information GetID Get the unique layer ID.
GetDescription Get a description of this display layer, i.e. the capabilities.
GetSourceDescriptions Get a description of available sources.
GetCurrentOutputField For an interlaced display, this returns the currently inactive field: 0 for the top field, and 1 for the bottom field.
Interfaces GetSurface Get an interface to layer's surface.
GetScreen Get an interface to the screen to which the layer belongs.
Configuration SetCooperativeLevel Set cooperative level to get control over the layer or the windows within this layer.
GetConfiguration Get current layer configuration.
TestConfiguration Test layer configuration.
SetConfiguration Set layer configuration.
Layout SetScreenLocation Set location on screen as normalized values.
SetScreenPosition Set location on screen in pixels.
SetScreenRectangle Set location on screen in pixels.
GetStereoDepth Get stereo depth.
SetStereoDepth Set stereo depth.
Misc Settings SetOpacity Set global alpha factor for blending with layer(s) below.
SetSourceRectangle Set the source rectangle.
SetFieldParity For an interlaced display, this sets the field parity.
SetClipRegions Set the clipping region(s).
Color keys SetSrcColorKey Set the source color key.
SetDstColorKey Set the destination color key.
Z Order GetLevel Get the current display layer level.
SetLevel Set the display layer level.
Background handling SetBackgroundMode Set the erase behaviour for windowstack repaints.
SetBackgroundImage Set the background image for the imaged background mode.
SetBackgroundColor Set the color for a solid colored background.
Color adjustment GetColorAdjustment Get the layers color adjustment.
SetColorAdjustment Set the layers color adjustment.
Windows CreateWindow Create a window within this layer given a description of the window that is to be created.
GetWindow Retrieve an interface to an existing window.
Cursor handling EnableCursor Enable/disable the mouse cursor for this layer.
GetCursorPosition Returns the x/y coordinates of the layer's mouse cursor.
WarpCursor Move cursor to specified position.
SetCursorAcceleration Set cursor acceleration.
SetCursorShape Set the cursor shape and the hotspot.
SetCursorOpacity Set the cursor opacity.
Synchronization WaitForSync Wait for next vertical retrace.
Contexts SwitchContext Switch the layer context.
Rotation SetRotation Set the rotation of data within the layer.
GetRotation Get the rotation of data within the layer.
Windows GetWindowByResourceID Retrieve an interface to an existing window.
Surface SetSurface Set the surface to be shown by the layer

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